My studio practice is an overarching critique of American housing systems and ideals. First-hand experiences, historical domestic trends and housing policies inform the work; blending metaphorical narratives with socioeconomic research. Using a combination of found materials and symbols of domesticity, my process is a conceptual extraction of the object’s connotations; relying on manipulation and recontextualization to emphasize the complexities of home life. My work challenges preconceived notions of place, purpose, and function through absurdist exaggeration and isolated words or phrases. In between emotions of desire and disgust, I grapple with the tensions of domestic expectations alongside the diverse realities of the home/house archetype. 


A fundamental aspect of the work is the use of recognizable imagery to evoke a sense of familiarity, whereas context of the image or object communicates an air of comfortability. Welcome mats, fence pickets and real estate iconography are used as indicators of domesticity, while language and manipulation redirect the viewer to a place of contemplation, raising the questions ‘for who?’ and ‘for what?’ The work often presents itself with underlying feelings of tension and dysfunction to represent unspoken, or underrepresented, domestic realities. These feelings, paralleled by public frustrations with housing policies and pressured American ideology, can be felt in work like ‘Sub Division’, a stretched and divided real estate sign that simply reads ‘FOR’, indicating an undetermined purpose. 


My interest in the domestic archetype is rooted in unresolved feelings of disappointment and failed expectations, having witnessed my parent’s tumultuous divorce and unhealthy home life.  As I process my own domestic narrative, I feel compelled to connect with others to expand perceptions of how a home can function and what a home looks like. By addressing larger housing issues, my work bridges the gap between individual experience and community, highlighting similarities like the desire for stability or frustration with the American housing paradigm.


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Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), Kansas City, MO

Bachelors of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Creative Writing



2017 Current: Project Director, Design Fugitives, Milwaukee, WI 

2016  Design Fabricator, Design Fugitives, Milwaukee, WI

2015 Teaching Assistant, KCAI, Kansas City, MO

         Kansas City Artist Coalition Intern, Kansas City, MO

         Editorial Assistant, BkMk Press, Kansas City, MO




For, (Solo Exhibition), Collaboration with Colliers International, Milwaukee, WI
Indiana Green, Between Two Galleries, Milwaukee, WI

Art In Place, Hosted by CNL Projects, Nationwide Installation
ERGO, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
Changing A Point of View, All She Makes, Digital Exhibition
30x30x30, Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI 

Reconciliation, Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI

Wisconsin Artist Biennial Exhibition, Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI 



A Mobile Home, Var Gallery and Studios, Milwaukee WI 

Salad Days, Young Space (NYC), Digital Exhibition

Body Of Work, Brooks Stevens Gallery, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI

22nd International Open, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL 



Forward 2018, Charles Allis Museum, Milwaukee, WI 

Doing the Dishes, Union Art Gallery, UW-Madison, WI

You Missed A Spot (Solo Exhibition), Kansas City Artist Coalition, KC, MO

The To-Do List (Solo Exhibition), Var West Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

30x30x30, Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI



Featured Artist, Bay View Gallery Night, Commonplace, Milwaukee, WI



Anniversary Exhibition, Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

Arrange and Inhabit, The Lunchbox Gallery, Milwaukee, WI



2020 Revitalize Milwaukee - Helped perform critical home repairs and 

comprehensive  services to low-income seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities

2019 Women In Design - Holiday Care Package Event




FemFest Issue: Moody Zine

Cointoss Magazine, Issue 1


Under the Bridge: Installation, Mediums Series, Autumn 2020

Volume 28, ArtDose Magazine, Cover and Interview

Spring Issue 12, Art Maze Magazine


Missouri’s Emerging Writers, An Anthology, Z Publishing House




Second Place Award, Reconciliation, Concordia Univ. Ann Arbor

Merit Award, Wisconsin Artist Biennial 2020


First Place Award, 22nd International Opening, Chicago, IL


Award of Excellence, Charles Allis Museum of Art
Selected Finalist, Mary Nohl Fellowship 


Windgate Award Recipient

Administered by the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design